Pronunciation Pro Membership Site Testimonials

Thank you for a very intense and helpful month of pronunciation practice! I learned a lot and I really enjoyed the different parts - the videos, the question session, the 1:1 session and the option to send a recording every day for feedback. I'm much more aware of the way I speak now and I know more about the topics I have to practice. It was a great way to improve my pronunciation for the last month and I thank you very very much for your work and effort with this course.

I joined the course about 4 months ago and found it quite amazing. Everything was so organized and easy to follow. I had feedback everyday which was so helpful and encouraging. Another positive aspect is flexibility. Hope you join and see the results.


I really liked the theme-based clips so you can focus on 1 sound to practice.  Emma gives useful feedback that will improve your pronunciation.
Because of this course, I passed my speaking exam.
- Roger

This course is very unique and well designed for learners. I thought first I could complete all the contents soon since the course just only focuses on pronunciation, however, there are much we need to learn and I am still working on *now 75 completed within a couple of weeks as I am busy mum with work and looking after small kids! Emma's explanation is very clear and easy to follow for learners. She explains how to pronounce in her own way, which looks exaggerate but good for leaners. As a Japanese speaker, R vs L is a big problem to pronounce, so I like her explanation about “R” , rubbing off peanut butter from inside the teeth. Again, thanks for Emma!
- Ayako

I have been a member for the last month and I really love it. Emma explains in a short and effective way, but also humorously, so that you can learn and remember things effectively as well as deeply.  Her pronunciation feedback and open office day are both the highlight for me: whatever she writes, corrections or just like "This recording was perfect!", it always motivates me. This kind of interaction is something that makes Emma's membership special. I also like her personality too. So without exaggeration, this membership is the most enjoyable and effective way to learn British pronunciation ever! Thanks a lot Emma. :)
- Miho

I  definitely love this course!! Emma is absolutely the best English teacher I have seen!! I have looked for many teachers on Youtube but Emma is the best  to explain as best as possible the English language to us!!! I met her on the open office day and asked questions about her helpful course!!! She is absolutely a sweet girl and she is doing her best and puts her huge knowledge into this course!! Because of it, I have finally understood how many vowels English has!!!! Anyway, I highly recommend it for everyone!!! She is absolutely the best at teaching!!
- Simona

I've been learning English for quite a while and I was always looking for a pronunciation course which will take me from scratch, and which will give me all the confidence needed to engage and persist along the way until the end. Without any doubt, Emma's Pronunciation Pro course is absolutely amazing!!! It is a course packed with everything you must know about British pronunciation, well explained, and beautifully presented by Emma. Her energy and passion will keep you stuck to your chair. But, the beauty about it is that you can send Emma the recordings of your pronunciation and you will receive her feedback on areas you may need to improve. Isn't that cool! So, don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!
- Maria

I would recommend Emma’s course, it's great I'm enjoying it, and I've been studying English for a couple years, and my English is intermediate level however, I don't have problems understanding the videos, with this course is very clear and help me to improve my pronunciation. Emma is the best teacher, she answer very quickly the questions, and I can practise my pronunciation anytime with the course. Thanks Emma for you passionate job teaching.
- Zenaida

I love Emma's Pronunciation Pro Course! I recommend this course for those who are learning British English from beginner to advanced levels. Why do I recommend this? Because, you can experience Pronunciation Pro Course with your eyes, ears and also your mouth! Have you ever seen such plenty of services on any other web class?? Let me say one more thing. She kindly helps us with any question by her own hands with heart-felt words. That means, in addition to listening, watching and speaking, you can enjoy this course by even your heart! Now you understand why I recommend this! Emma, thank you always!
 - Junya

I have never seen  this kind of membership site before. It's really helpful for your English pronunciation. Emma is so kind, clear and precise. It's perfect for people will little  free time, like me, because you can administrate your time, without pressure. Absolutely recommendable.
- Carolina

What is the greatest thing about this course? 1. You can get Emma’s feedback very quickly, then you can get back where you need to work on more. 2. The whole course is designed for any learners who have a busy schedule. You can take time as long as you need! 3. Emma helps us remember how important the goal setting is. You can be yourself without worrying that much. This course is not suitable for those who want to sound like native speakers.
 - Atsuko

I have tried this course out, it's amazing that I can find out what weaknesses or mistakes I have made in producing sounds.  Emma made corrections to the recordings I sent and pointed out if there were any sounds that weren't quite right.  From the beginning, I got a lot of corrections on my practice recordings, finally in the last recording the corrections got less and less.  I strive to produce the correct sounds for each letter, as I follow the learning experience.  I think this program is perfect for me, thank you Emma!
- Dwiza

Pronunciation Pro is SERIOUSLY going to change the way you think about your pronunciation. Emma's course really simplifies pronunciation and makes it all into a nice step by step guide. Thank you, Emma!!
- Megumi

Before I met you, I’d never given enough attention to my pronunciation skills. Now my main goal of studying English is correct pronunciation. I joined the course with great pleasure! Clear explanation of all sounds, intonation, feedback- all of this helped me to improve my skills and feel more confident. But this course is not only useful, fascinating and interesting, it also has a positive atmosphere and  Emma’s great energy! Emma, thanks for everything you’re doing!
 - Nataliya

This course is great! Emma is very good at making you understand how to place your mouth in order to pronounce phonemes, she makes the short lessons very funny and, personally, in that way I can remember phonemes easily and also distinguish them when written in the dictionary and I've no audio reference. Moreover, since I've not got so much time at the moment in my life, this course is perfect because I can practice anytime I've a bit of free time. Before starting the course, I wasn't completely sure that the written feedback would have been effective, but now I can tell it totally is!! I get my mistakes just reading and following her advice and I feel a lot more mindful in the next recordings! She's also very punctual sending feedback, and very kind too. :-) I totally recommend the course.
- Linda

I'm a mommy to two gorgeous girls and have been living in the UK for six years . After a few years of trying to improve my English, I give up because it didn’t  matter how much I tried, I never knew how to improve my pronunciation. I watched many videos on YouTube, took some courses, but still I didn’t feel confident when people spoke to me and I always tried to avoid them, especially school moms. Anyway, one day I saw Emma videos and I thought "WOWWWWWWW!!". Why doesn't anybody else teach like her? Word sounds, vowels sounds , consonants etc. I’m very happy now and in just one month I have improved a lot . I know exactly how to put my tongue and make the proper sounds. She's simply an amazing teacher. Thanks Emma! You are the teacher everyone needs.
- Cecilia

In my opinion, Emma's pronunciation course is excellent and it is well worth it! I love the page because it is attractive and really simple to use. It is marvellous to find all the information so well organised. The best part about the course is how Emma corrects your audios and encourages you to improve. I haven't found anything similar in the market! Additionally,  I think that this course not only improves your pronunciation, but also your listening. Topics that I have never understood before like contractions, cutting sound or intonation. So I highly recommend Emma course, including if you are interested in American English.
- Ines

I’m in love with Emma’s Pronunciation Pro course! It’s well structured, has a ton of information covered and a lot of new videos and exercises on the way. Every lesson has an explanatory video, audio and exercises for practicing every sound. But above all, you can receive the feedback on your recording directly from Emma! It’s great, because it’s not enough just to do exercises and wait for the results, the feedback is very important in this case, you should know which sounds you pronounce correctly and which you don’t, so you can fix them. So I’m very happy with this course and can recommend it to all of you!
- Katerina

I love the course.  I have learnt a lot about pronunciation. I am also aware the parts of the mouth and tongue we use to pronounce the sounds.  The feedback for the recordings is helpful and encouraging.  Thanks for your effort.
- Dora

I was looking for a pronunciation course for quite some time. Even though I have lived in the UK for some time now, I find it difficult sometimes to be understood by the natives, and because of this I have lots of funny stories. So, I found several online courses and to be honest, I wanted to try one of them. But I was hesitating which one to choose: I liked the structure in one, I liked the teacher in another, etc.. And when I saw Emma’s announcement about the membership I thought that this is exactly what I was looking for - a well-structured course, video explanations, very positive and professional teacher, feedback on the progress. And the most important thing is a flow of a positive energy that we all need nowadays. What will you get? Lots of video lessons, more than 60 as for now, with every sound of British English with Emma’s explanation about your tongue and lips position (sometimes very funny ones), feedback on your pronunciation practice audios, for every single lesson if you'd like, and one to one monthly meetings with Emma, where you can ask your questions and get some advice. I think it's more than just a course, it's your complete guide to British Pronunciation!
- Natali

It has been a few weeks participating in the English Pronunciation course by Emma. I feel very satisfied with the learning mode in the class. The course includes many videos made by Emma explaining how to pronounce each sound in British English, how to make connections between words, intonation in phrases, etc.  These videos help me realise where I’ve been making mistakes while speaking English. Additionally, the daily recordings with feedback from Emma allowed me to correct myself. A few weeks for me is quite a short time to say whether this class is suitable and effective for me and I still don’t know how far I can go in the way to speak like a native. But I believe the Pronunciation Pro course is worth a try.
- Q.C.

Pronunciation Pro is one of the best experiences you can have when learning English. Emma, is really patient, she explains the parts of the lesson thoroughly and repeatedly so the lesson will be stemmed into your brain. She is also very encouraging, so don’t worry, if you think you are not able to practice the lesson, she will encourage you to practice and you will be able to speak with confidence. All the examples she gives in every lesson is easier to digest and can be practiced in every sentence. So, what are you waiting for? Go and sign up to this course! You won’t regret this!
- Reza

This course is like a GIANT library of pronunciation lessons. I have watched Emma's YouTube videos for years but I really needed feedback on my pronunciation because I did not know what I was doing wrong. Receiving the feedback every day has helped me so much. Emma and Jane's feedback is so helpful!! :)
- Maria

I like the course. It's important that you receive the feedback every time you send your recordings to Emma. Emma will not spare you and will answer every time what is wrong with this sound until you pronounce it correctly. Though I’ve been learning English for many years, some of the content is still new for me. Of course, there a lot of free video on YouTube (and Emma’s channel as well), but this course includes everything. You need not search anything. Try this course and you will enjoy it, as I am.
- Oksana

I cannot believe how much this course has affected my confidence. Before I started I was really slow when I talked in English. I found some sounds very difficult to pronounce so it made me self-conscious to speak. Now I feel confident and feel more fluent when I speak. Emma's mini "hacks" really helped me overcome the difficult sounds too. Thank you, Emma!
- Alessandro

I have loved the course. It focuses on all the necessary sections to improve your pronunciation. Being Spanish, there are many sounds that we do not use in our mother tongue and it is sometimes difficult for us to be able to make these sounds. Thanks to Emma, with her fantastic and fun explanations, based on theory and explanatory videos, I have been able to handle phonetics in a better way.
- Antonio

Emma's course is a fantastic pronunciation course. The videos you will watch through the course are short, funny and of great knowledge. I found the learning process easier and pleasant. The fact that I received feedback from her made it a lot easier to identify my errors. Her videos give you enough detail to help perfect your speech. I am living in the UK, constantly talking to natives and, after a 30 day BETA testing trial, my coworkers and friends have been understanding me a lot better. Thanks Emma for being so passionate about teaching and thank you for putting in so much effort in my learning!
- Guillerme

The course is very complete and Emma was adding new lessons according to our mistakes or doubts. With her videos I was able to understand better how to pronounce some difficult sounds, especially for Spanish speakers like me. Some lessons about strong and week forms and intonation also helped me a lot. I'm hoping for the new release of the course so I have more time to practise.
- Ana

I loved the course! It really helps you with the pronunciation of certain words that contain sounds you do not use in your mother tongue as well as with intonation and inflections. Moreover, Emma uses a lovely approach so you can remember things instead of using a traditional approach.
- Laia

I'm so happy with this course. It really helps me (personally) to know how to pronounce words exactly. The most important thing from this course is that Emma has her own way to make us understand how to pronounce words and sentences in natural speech and she explains about part of the mouth. It's so clear and really helpful!
- Ester

I signed up for Emma’s English course online hoping to feel more confident about my pronunciation and start to learn a bit about the British accent. I learned much more than I expected, the course is really efficient and well organised. Of course, you have courses about monophthongs, diphthongs, etc. but you also have lessons about stress sentences and speech which is very helpful as a French native. Being able to send recordings for personalised feedback is very helpful. We can see the worked behind it, it’s so easy to learn. You have access to good videos, easy explanations and examples. I highly recommend her lessons whatever your level in English.
Thank you Emma, for this really good work. I can’t wait for the final release, I’ll continue for sure to improve my pronunciation with you.
- Ambre

I really enjoyed Emma's course. It was my first time when I had a native-speaker teacher, my first language is Polish and I always had Polish teachers! It was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot from this course. Emma touched on so many topics that I have have seen or known, or nobody taught or even mentioned to me before. I think that everyone will find this course valuable and interesting, no matter what level your English is. I am sure you will learn something new, and you will improve your pronunciation. I'm almost 29 years old and for more than 15 years pronounced 'ticket' wrong! Thanks to Emma, no more basic mistakes! I improved my intonation and word stress too. Emma was very helpful at every stage of my course, responded quickly to my messages and she was very supportive. I would recommend this course to my friends and family. I will definitely join the course when it is launched again!
- Karolina

I loved Emma's British pronunciation course so much . Her course helped me to improve my English pronunciation skills. She's seriously the best teacher and this is the British pronunciation course I've ever had.
- Rahul

El curso es increíble y la forma de explicar cada parte es muy práctica y clara. Es fácil de seguir incluso si el nivel de inglés no es muy alto. Lo recomendaría sin dudarlo ya que hay sonidos que ni siquiera son compartidos por dos idiomas diferentes.
(Translation: The course is incredible and the way of explaining each part is very practical and clear. It's easy to follow, even if your English level isn't very high. I would recommend it without hesitation as there are sounds that are not shared in Spanish and English.)
- Luis

I like the course. As I try to improve my English every day, I use this course every day too. As I say, I use it every day and it takes me more than a month or even two to read, to watch, to listen the content, to practise the exercises and to record my pronunciation. It's important that you receive the feedback every time you send your recordings to Emma. Emma will not spare you and will answer every time what is wrong with this sound until you pronounce it correctly. Though I’ve been learning English for many years, some of the content is still new for me. I like the way Emma explains how to pronounce the sounds (for example miserable / i /, or boring schwa, or the cute sound / ɔː /). It is great that I can see Emma’s face and mouth while she pronounces sounds. I am certain that the course will be interesting and helpful for those who are learning English and want not only to improve pronunciation, but to understand natives easier. Before, without the explanation I couldn’t understand why some words sounds in another way in comparison with the dictionary samples. So the unit about connected speech is helpful. Of course, there a lot of free video on YouTube (and Emma’s channel as well), but this course includes everything. You need not search anything. And I think that even teachers of English, who are not natives, can use this course while preparing for the lessons. Try this course and you will enjoy it, as I am.
- Oksana (Russia)

Me ha encantado el curso. Se centra en todos los apartados necesarios para poder mejorar en la pronunciación. Al ser español, hay muchos sonidos que no utilizamos en nuestro idioma materno y es a veces para nosotros difícil el ser capaces de emitir dichos sonidos. Gracias a Emma, con sus fantásticas  y divertidas explicaciones, basadas en teoría y videos explicativos he podido manejar la fonética de mejor manera.
(Translation: I have loved the course. It focuses on all the necessary sections to improve your pronunciation. Being Spanish, there are many sounds that we do not use in our mother tongue and it is sometimes difficult for us to be able to make these sounds. Thanks to Emma, with her fantastic and fun explanations, based on theory and explanatory videos, I have been able to handle phonetics in a better way.)
- Antonio

This is a fantastic course which is able to help you learn pronunciation easily and correctly. Emma gives me a lot of advice on mispronunciations and encourages me a lot. I recommend you all who want to learn not only pronunciation, but also how to speak in English. Thank you Emma as always.
- Miyu

Emma’s pronunciation course is definitely worth doing. She is definitely a very well prepared teacher who gives her students prompt and continuous feedback. To me, her teaching techniques and skills are very effective as I have never seen a teacher explaining in detail how to put the mouth and tongue in order to  correctly produce the English sounds and the stress of the words. She is also very nice and the videos are concise and easy to listen to.
 - Matteo

I am really loving the course. Every sound is explained in a short video and there are plenty of words and simple sentences provided in order to practice. In particular, I found it very useful to be able to pronounce words directly after Emma. I really admire the effort that Emma put into this course. It’s just brilliant for those who want to improve their pronunciation.
- Tatiana

I was looking for a course like this for so long! One of the things that I really like is that once you start you can jump to different lessons depending on your needs.
It is amazing how Emma gives me the feedback so quickly and also recommends me to work on different sounds. It's like having a private teacher willing to make you improve! ;) If you are in doubt, go for it, you won't regret it!
- Charo

I’ve been very pleased with Pronunciation with Emma so far. It definitely is a very practical and efficient tool to improve your RP pronunciation skills. I like the look of the site, the content is clear, inviting and well-structured. To top it off, it enables you to complete each lesson in the order you want and at your own pace. Finally, I greatly recommend Emma as a person. She’s a lovely and passionate teacher, always prompt to respond and give out incredibly helpful tips on how to pronounce the different sounds.
- Emilie.

I have heard before that one of the ways that you can improve pronunciation is to record yourself, I could never get committed to recording myself before but since 15 days ago that I joined Emma's course I am recording myself every day and Emma is listening to them every day and she gives me comments every day. I sent my "Recording 15" to her today and it means the world to me. My goal is to speak clearly and Emma's course is really helping me to after six years of living in the UK, I finally have some hopes of getting more fluent. If you are anything like me, for example, if sometimes people can't tell whether you are asking a question or telling them something, this course is for you. If you pronounce full and fool, three and tree, pool and pull, thing and thin the same, this course is for you. This course enables you to put in a little time every day to improve your English and communication, eventually being understood better. I highly recommend it.
- Marjan

Pronunciation Pro is by far the best course I’ve ever had in my life. Emma is really patient, friendly and she is always encouraging me to practice the different British sounds and make me feel more confident. Even though you can follow Emma through lots of free videos on YouTube (and it’s what I always do), I decided to take this course because you receive not only her feedback every time you send her your recordings, but also she answers all kinds of questions you ask her and gives you some useful pieces of advice in order to improve your pronunciation.  As Emma is an expert in foreign languages, like Spanish (I am Argentinian), she helps me to find similarities and differences between British and Spanish sounds.  I highly recommend this Pronunciation Course if you really want to become a better listener and speaker in British English.
- Maria Ines

I really like Emma's lessons and recommend that all English learners, especially those who do not have the confidence to speak, as Emma will teach you how to pronounce words correctly step by step and you will have certain confidence at the end of the lessons! Grammar and vocabulary are something you can probably learn by yourself but you will definitely need the right person with you when you improve your pronunciation and Emma is the perfect one for you, especially if you love British English! One of my favourite things with this pro site is feedback on my recording from Emma. She always finds things I can improve and also motivates me when I do well by giving positive feedback! You will never regret joining this pro course!
- Taichi

Since I attend your course, I feel more in change of my pronunciation. It's helpful for me. I can't imagine how I am now thanks to the professionalism from Emma.
- Omar


I started watching Emma's videos on YouTube more than a year ago and I'm happy I decided to join her membership.  I've never felt so confident and so unafraid of making mistakes in English. She made it easier to understand the path I need to follow in order to have better pronunciation and listening comprehension.  I felt bad for never really knowing where to start or where to improve, but Emma shows you the path, she shows you the way to be better in English and breaks the language barrier that we, non-English natives, always have. The fear of not being able to speak, the shame of saying it wrong... you can tell she has worked very hard because all these things go away when you take her lessons! At the beginning, I just wanted to know a bit more of English, but now I'm already speaking more than I ever thought I would.  Keep up the amazing work, Emma!
- Aida


This course is extraordinary. Emma's video lessons are concise, short and easy to understand – perfect for people with limited spare time like me. Feedback recordings were, personally, the best part of it. You won't take more than 5 minutes to record them, and you will receive detailed feedback directly from Emma, who's always kindly willing to answer any question about it too. Thanks to her comments, I could identify all my English speaking weaknesses and correct them.  The content of the course is consistent and innovative. Even though I've been living in the UK for the last two and a half years, there was an appreciable amount of sounds and parts of spoken English that I didn't know existed. But thanks to Emma's course, I've been able to identify and learn them, so now I feel much more confident when I speak with English natives. My listening skills have improved quite a lot too.
- Paulina