Improving your British English Pronunciation and Listening Skills Just Became SO MUCH Easier

In just a few seconds you will receive everyday support and finally put yourself on a clear path towards speaking more confidently and clearly, being a better communicator, and having conversations with everyone like you've been speaking English your whole life.

Is this you?

» People always ask you to repeat and don't understand what you're trying to say.

» You need to work on your speaking skills for your job or an exam, and

» You're in a professional role where clear communication is vital to your work.

» You feel embarrassed and shy when you speak.

» Certain sounds are difficult for you and actually slow down your speech.

» You find it difficult to understand rapid speech and native speakers because they "talk too fast".

» You want to soften your current accent and not make it a distraction in your conversations.

» You've been learning a mix of American and British and you JUST want to focus on British English.

» You want to master the features of natural speech that native English speakers typically use.

» You're an English teacher and want to help your students with their pronunciation.

Did you answer "YES" to any of these?

If you did then you KNOW that these are things which are holding you back from better job prospects, forming relationships and friendships, and being completely YOU in conversations.

I created Pronunciation Pro because...

⦿  Courses nowadays focus heavily on grammar, vocabulary, and MORE grammar. They rarely go into detail about pronunciation.

⦿  People are more likely to correct your grammar than they are your pronunciation. It seems like if people understand you, they won't correct you, but YOU WANT to be corrected.

⦿  When you try and speak, you realise that you stumble over difficult sounds.

⦿  You are looking for structure, a clear step-by-step guide, on everything you need to know to improve your pronunciation.

⦿  You KNOW the grammar. You KNOW the vocabulary. But try with all your might, you STILL have problems with speaking and understanding fast speech and don't know why.

⦿  You have problems understanding natural speech, native speakers, and fast conversations, but you REALLY WANT to take part in conversations and watch your favourite TV series and films without the annoying subtitles.

⦿  You don't know WHERE to start and WHAT you need to improve.

⦿  You might not even know that something is incorrect! You could be going through life saying something "funny", "embarrassing", and "offensive" but NOBODY is correcting you.

I took everything I do in my private lessons and put it all into a clear roadmap for you in Pronunciation Pro.

Let me introduce you to...

Pronunciation Pro

Pronunciation Pro aims to be the best British online English pronunciation course.

My mission with Pronunciation Pro is to make you feel fully supported, guided, but also independent and in full control of your own learning. You choose what you want to learn, when you want to learn it, with the reassurance that I am also there to point you in the right direction through daily feedback.

You will have full access to over 80 lessons (which are quickly growing every month!) as well as a private group with a friendly and supportive community of English learners from around the world.

To support and guide you, you will receive daily feedback on your recordings via email, plus a private 1-1 session with me and a live group webinar to answer all your questions!

Pronunciation Pro will help you to...

Fix your old pronunciation mistakes and stop new bad habits from forming in the future
Receive the valuable 1-to-1 attention you need so you get completely tailored feedback on your speech
Get a clear sense of direction about what you need to focus on and what you need to do to improve
Make improving your pronunciation pain-free, stress-free, and less overwhelming
Get the answers to every question you have about pronunciation in monthly webinars
Stay motivated by meeting other likeminded learners who are motivated to improve their pronunciation

Hey! I'm Emma!

A Little Bit About Me

BA Honours English Language and Linguistics  // MSc Education: TESOL // Cambridge CELTA qualified English Teacher // 13 years of teaching experience

I've been teaching for over 13 years. In the past, I've worked for some of the world's top online schools as an English Teacher, Syllabus Designer, Assessment Officer, and Video Course Content Creator.

I started my own business back in 2017, and since then, I've taught hundreds of students from around the world, plus millions more through my YouTube videos and online content.

I've had the opportunity to partner and work with Cambridge University Press, Lingoda, as well as other fantastic EFL/ESL companies and brands. I was also selected out of hundreds of applicants by the British Council to visit their offices in London and receive a scholarship for my CELTA as part of their mission to support new and upcoming teachers who they believed would make a difference in the English teaching world.

By having a background in English Language and Linguistics and a Master's degree in English Language Teaching, I have a thorough understanding of phonetics and phonology, as well as how the voice works.

I have put my heart and soul into Pronunciation Pro and developed the entire course by myself with the knowledge gained during my degree, master's, and years of teaching experience. I have included all the content I teach in my private lessons, so students can access the same high quality of advice, support, and knowledge as my 1-to-1 students do, but in a way that's more convenient, economical, and flexible to you. You choose WHAT you what to study, WHEN you want to study, but with the confidence and reassurance in knowing that I am still there every single step of the way to guide you.

What Members of Pronunciation Pro Think

Emma's course is a fantastic pronunciation course. The videos on the course are short, funny and of great knowledge. I found the learning process easier and pleasant. The fact that I received feedback from her made it a lot easier to identify my errors. Her videos give you enough detail to perfect you speech. I am living in the UK, constantly talking to natives and, after just 30 days , my co-workers and friends have been understanding me a lot better. Thanks Emma for being so passionate about teaching and thank you for putting in so much effort into my learning!


I learned much more than I expected, the course is really efficient and well organised. Being able to send recordings for personalised feedback is very helpful. I highly recommend her lessons whatever your level in English. Thank you Emma for this really good work.


Pronunciation Pro is one of the best experiences you can have when learning English. Emma is really patient, she explains the lessons thoroughly and repeatedly so the lesson will be stemmed into your brain. She is also very encouraging, so don’t worry, if you think you are not able to practise the lesson, she will encourage you to practice and you will be able to speak British accent with confidence. What are you waiting for? Go and sign up to this course! You won’t regret this!


You Get FULL ACCESS to all of these Amazing Features

Over 90 Lessons that are Constantly Growing

The course is designed to take you from the absolute basics, to the more advanced features of speech and pronunciation. You will start with looking at parts of the mouth, so you know exactly what needs to go where when pronouncing certain sounds. You will then build up to specific sounds, words, sentences, and then paragraphs. You'll be able to understand and use features of fluent speech in just a matter of minutes.

A Private 1-to-1 Zoom Call Every Month with Me

Online courses can feel very impersonal sometimes. I never want you to feel alone, abandoned, and unsupported! To make sure that you are practising properly and making the sounds and features of rapid speech correctly, I have added a unique feature that I have never seen in any other online pronunciation course - a private 1-to-1 call on Zoom with me every month. The call lasts 15 minutes and happens once a month in the Open Office days (which take place around the 10th of each month), and is the absolute perfect time to ask questions and get live and personal feedback on your progress.

Group Webinar

Have you got some burning pronunciation questions to ask me? Well, the Question Sessions are just the thing for you! Every month (around the 20th of each month) I hold a group webinar with all the members of Pronunciation Pro and I answer all of your questions about pronunciation. They're also a fantastic opportunity to hear what other questions members have, as they may ask something that you've never noticed or thought about before.

Daily Feedback on Your Voice Recordings

You can sit and repeat sounds and connect your speech until you're blue in the face! However, how do you know that you're doing it all correctly? My lovely assistant Jane (who is a highly qualified and experienced English teacher from London) and I work hard to make sure you can receive feedback every single day of the week, so you can practise at the weekend without having to wait for days for your feedback. We aim to respond to you with feedback, advice, suggestions, or just simply some kind and motivational words every day of the year within 48 hours.

Access to a Private Members Only Group

Interested in meeting people from around the world? The Members' Zone is a private group where you can talk to other members of the course, find speaking partners to practise with, take part in challenges, discuss various topics, and ask questions to other members. I pop in from time to time too to answer questions and set challenges. :)

What other Students are Saying about Pronunciation Pro

"I love Emma's Pronunciation Pro Course! I recommend this course for those who are learning British English from beginner to advanced levels. Why do I recommend this? Because, you can experience Pronunciation Pro Course with your eyes, ears and also your mouth! Have you ever seen so many services on any other online course?"
- Junya (Japan)

I loved the course! It really helps you with the pronunciation of certain words that contain sounds you do not use in your mother tongue, as well as with intonation and inflections. Moreover, Emma uses a lovely approach so you can remember things instead of using a traditional approach.


I loved Emma's British pronunciation course so much . Because her course helps me improve my English pronunciation skills. She's seriously the best teacher and her British pronunciation course is the best I've ever had.


 Even though I’ve been learning English for many years, some of the content is still new for me. I like the way Emma explains how to pronounce the sounds (for example miserable /i:/, or boring schwa, or the cute sound /ɔː/). It is great that I can see Emma’s face and mouth while she pronounces sounds. I am certain that the course will be interesting and helpful for those who are learning English and want not only to improve pronunciation, but to understand natives easier. 


Get INSTANT Access and Start Speaking Clearly, Confidently, and Feeling more Yourself when Speaking English

If you're prepared and motivated to work hard towards making some serious life changes, then it's time to join.


£199 Just £2.20 a day - the cost of a cup of coffee!

Get instant and completely unlimited access to Pronunciation Pro for 3 months. This is a subscription so you will be charged every 3 months until you cancel.

  • Instant access to 80+ lessons that grow every month. 
  • A 1-to-1 private 15 minute session.
  • Access to the monthly private webinar Question Session.
  • Daily feedback on your recordings via email.
  • Complete access to the private Member's Zone community group.

"Before, without the explanation I couldn’t understand why some words sound in another way in comparison with the dictionary samples. So the unit about connected speech is helpful. Of course, there are a lot of free videos on YouTube (and Emma’s channel as well), but this course includes everything. You don't need to search anything. And I think that even teachers of English, who are not natives, can use this course while preparing for the lessons. Try this course and you will enjoy it, as I am."

Oksana, English Teacher from Russia

Still not sure if Pronunciation Pro is right for you?

Pronunciation Pro might not be the right place for you.

Before you join, let's quickly check to see whether the membership site is right for you.

Who is Pronunciation Pro for?

You have at least an Intermediate level of English.

✔ You're looking to make serious changes in your life and invest in yourself and your future.

You want feedback and to be corrected by a professional English teacher.

You are serious about improving your pronunciation and you're prepared to put in the work to achieve serious results.

Who is Pronunciation Pro not for?

You have a Beginner level of English (less than A2).

You're looking for a magic potion to make drastic changes overnight without making any effort.

You're looking for a quick fix and you're not bothered about putting in the work.

You want to learn another variety of English (such as American or Australian English) and you're not interested in learning about varieties of British English.

What Lessons are Inside the Membership Site?

New lessons are added every single month.

Have something in mind but cannot see it here? Don't worry! Members can request new lessons to be added in the future.

Interested in a free trial and seeing some of the lessons?

Check out some free lessons below. There's no need to give me your email address or sign up to anything. Just take a look and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this course I focus mostly on Modern Received Pronunciation (this is regarded as a "standard" form of pronunciation, it's what you will find in the dictionary). I may also mention features of Received Pronunciation as well as Northern (Yorkshire), as that's where I am from originally.

Once you've joined, you'll need to create a free SoundCloud account. You can record on your device (I recommend Audacity if you don't currently have any) and then when you're ready for feedback, upload it to your SoundCloud account, send me the link via email, and I'll do my best to get back to you within 48 hours.

You can send one recording containing one "Checkpoint" ("Checkpoints" are basically your homework) per day, any day of the week. If you have something else that you'd like to practise, then just drop me an email and we can chat about it. If we agree to you submitting other texts that are not included in the course, then your recording must not exceed 1 minute in length.

Yes! You can access it on any device through you device's browser. There's currently no dedicated app to this course at the moment.

It's important to see what you're getting before you decide to pay, right? So, I have made some of the units freely accessible for you to check out before you join to see if Pronunciation Pro is right for you. The links are in a little section above on this page.

If you join the monthly option, then you will be automatically charged every month until you cancel. If you join the 3 month option, then you will be automatically charged  every 3 months until you cancel. So if you join on the 1st January for one month, you will be automatically charged on the 1st February for the next month.

You can cancel at any time. No questions asked and no need to explain why.

Just head to your account settings, billing, and then subscriptions. There is a short tutorial in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the course in case you cannot find out how to do it.

If you cancel your membership before the end of the billing period, then you will still get access to your course until the end of your billing period. So, for example, if you join on the 1st January, and then you cancel on the 25th January, you will still be able to access the course until the 1st February.

At the moment, it's just with card. However, if you'd like to use PayPal, just drop me an email at and I'll try and set it up for you. It's a little more complicated, but sadly the platform I am using won't allow me right now to add PayPal as an option for subscriptions.

- Complete access to all the lessons which are updated every month.
- A monthly 15 minute 1-to-1 Zoom call with Emma on Open Office days (these tend to be around the 10th of each month).
- A monthly group webinar called a Question Session where you can ask me any other questions and also listen to other members' questions (these tend to be around the 20th of each month).
- Daily feedback via email using SoundCloud.

The videos on this course are hosted by Vimeo, so if you do not have access to Vimeo in your country (such as in Indonesia), then you can download a free browser called Opera which as a free built in VPN so you can access the videos.

I use it for 3 main reasons:
- It's much easier for me to leave the feedback as I can leave it directly on parts of the recording where I want to comment.
- You can listen to your old recordings and track your progress. You can redo old units that you have already submitted recordings for and then compare your old recording to your newest one to see how you've progressed.
- Even when you leave the course and cannot access the lessons anymore, you still have a fantastic portfolio of your progress to reflect back on at any time.

If you prefer not to use SoundCloud, that's also fine. You can just send recordings via email.

If you choose to cancel, you will not be able to access the classes anymore, just like in real life when a face to face course ends.

Yes! This membership site is pretty big, however, if you complete all the units successfully, then you will receive a certificate which you can print off and include on your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile. Just send me an email when you've completed everything and your certificate will be emailed to you.

Get INSTANT Access and Start Speaking Clearly, Confidently, and Feeling more Yourself when Speaking English

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