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Pronunciation Pro: English Pronunciation Membership Site

Improve your speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills with a focus on British varieties of English.

The doors are currently closed and will open in April

You must be in a country where you can view videos hosted by Vimeo and listen to audio from the website SoundCloud. If you do not have access to these websites, then your membership experience may be limited. Please scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page for more info.

What is the Pronunciation Pro Membership Site?

Pronunciation Pro is a brand new membership site which currently has over 60 lessons focusing on specific areas of pronunciation to help improve your speaking and listening skills.

Receive daily* feedback via SoundCloud on your pronunciation as well as advice and suggestions on areas to focus on and practise. For additional guidance and help, you can also have a 15 minute chat with me once a month and ask any questions about pronunciation or the membership site.

I am here EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way to help you with your learning.

*Feedback is given Monday to Friday, but you can submit one recording a day at any time.

Who is Pronunciation Pro For?

  • You have an Intermediate+ level of English.
  • You want to become more confident when you speak English.
  • You want feedback and guidance on what to improve.
  • You want to be a more effective communicator.
  • You find certain sounds, combination of sounds, and/or words difficult to pronounce and they interrupt the fluency of the conversation.
  • People sometimes ask you to repeat yourself and it's frustrating.
  • You struggle to understand fast speech and you want to stop relying on subtitles.
  • You are willing to put in the effort and understand that learning a language takes time and patience (you will not become fluent overnight).
  • You have an interest in British English (Modern RP as well as my accent).

What Makes Pronunciation Pro Different?

60+ Lessons which are Constantly Updated

When you join now, you will have access to over 60 lessons with videos, audios, and downloadable PDFs. The membership is being constantly updated with new lessons every single month

Daily Feedback

Receive feedback on your audio recordings that you send to me via email. You can submit your recording at ANY time and I will respond Monday - Friday.

Private Monthly Chat with Emma

Have some questions and need to talk to me one-to-one about it? Book a 15 minute session on my "open office" day and I'll help you the best I can.

Request New Lessons

Have a pronunciation topic in mind that's not on the membership site yet? No problem! Just let me know and I'll make a lesson about i to add to the site for you.

What's Inside the Membership Site?

New lessons are added every single month!

Who am I?

Emma Walker

My name's Emma and I'm a professional English teacher from the UK who specialises in teaching British English pronunciation to English Language learners. I have a degree in English Language and Linguistics (York St John University), which included modules in British and American phonetics and phonology. I also have an MSc in Education: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Bristol University). I have been teaching for over 10 years (7 of those involve teaching English) and have worked at some of the world's top language schools in the UK, Spain, and online, however, I now only teach privately.

What did some of the BETA testers say?

Pronunciation Pro is one of the best experiences you can have when learning English. Emma, is really patient, she explains the parts of the lesson thoroughly and repeatedly so the lesson will be stemmed into your brain. She is also very encouraging, so don’t worry, if you think you are not able to practice the lesson, she will encourage you to practice and you will be able to speak with confidence. All the examples she gives in every lesson is easier to digest and can be practiced in every sentence. So, what are you waiting for? Go and sign up to this course! You won’t regret this!


I like the course. It's important that you receive the feedback every time you send your recordings to Emma. Emma will not spare you and will answer every time what is wrong with this sound until you pronounce it correctly. Though I’ve been learning English for many years, some of the content is still new for me. Of course, there a lot of free video on YouTube (and Emma’s channel as well), but this course includes everything. You need not search anything. Try this course and you will enjoy it, as I am.


I have loved the course. It focuses on all the necessary sections to improve your pronunciation. Being Spanish, there are many sounds that we do not use in our mother tongue and it is sometimes difficult for us to be able to make these sounds. Thanks to Emma, with her fantastic and fun explanations, based on theory and explanatory videos, I have been able to handle phonetics in a better way.


Emma's course is a fantastic pronunciation course. The videos you will watch through the course are short, funny and of great knowledge. I found the learning process easier and pleasant. The fact that I received feedback from her made a lot easier to identify my errors. Her videos gives you enough detail for your perfecting you speech. I am living in UK, constantly talking to natives and, after a 30 day BETA testing trial, my coworkers and friends have been understanding me a lot better. Thanks Emma for being so passionate about teaching and thank you for putting in so much effort in my learning!


What did some of the NEW MEMBERS say?

I have been a member for the last month and I really love it. Emma explains in a short and effective way, but also humorously, so that you can learn and remember things effectively as well as deeply.  Her pronunciation feedback and open office day are both the highlight for me: whatever she writes, corrections or just like "This recording was perfect!", it always motivates me. This kind of interaction is something that makes Emma's membership special. I also like her personality too. So without exaggeration, this membership is the most enjoyable and effective way to learn British pronunciation ever! Thanks a lot Emma. :)


I have never seen  this kind of membership site before. It's really helpful for your English pronunciation. Emma is so kind, clear and precise. It's perfect for people will little  free time, like me, because you can administrate your time, without pressure. Absolutely recommendable.


I have tried this course out, it's amazing that I can find out what weaknesses or mistakes I have made in producing sounds. Emma made corrections to the recordings I sent and pointed out if there were any sounds that weren't quite right.  From the beginning, I got a lot of corrections on my practice recordings, finally in the last recording the corrections got less and less.  I strive to produce the correct sounds for each letter, as I follow the learning experience.  I think this program is perfect for me, thank you Emma!


I’m in love with Emma’s Pronunciation Pro course! It’s well structured, has a ton of information covered and a lot of new videos and exercises on the way. Every lesson has an explanatory video, audio and exercises for practicing every sound. But above all, you can receive the feedback on your recording directly from Emma! It’s great, because it’s not enough just to do exercises and wait for the results, the feedback is very important in this case, you should know which sounds you pronounce correctly and which you don’t, so you can fix them. So I’m very happy with this course and can recommend it to all of you!


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The doors will close on 3rd January! DO NOT MISS OUT!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two types of feedback that I give to members: audio feedback on your recordings, and a monthly private chat with me.

The "process" for submitting audio feedback is really simple! You will need to create a free SoundCloud account. At the end of each lesson, you will see a "practice checkpoint", this is the part that you can record. Record yourself, then upload the file to SoundCloud. Once uploaded, send the link for your recording via email to me for feedback. I will then leave feedback directly on your recording. You can submit one recording containing one "practice checkpoint" a day (I'm just a one-woman team right now, so I cannot handle too much :) sorry) and I will respond from Monday - Friday 9.30am - 6pm UK time. Don't worry, you can send the recording to me at ANY time of the day, I will just respond during my work hours.

In the monthly "Open Office" chat, you can book a 15 minute session with me to come into my (virtual) office and ask me ANY questions about pronunciation. Maybe you want to ask about some feedback I gave you, or you want some additional practice on a particular sound. My virtual door will be open for you that day. If you can't make it to the Open Office day, then no worries! Just email me with your questions and I will do my best to help you.

Of course! Pronunciation Pro will continuously grow, so new units will be added each month.

As with all areas of language learning, these things take time. Learning a language is a lifelong process. Some students I have worked with start displaying changes in their pronunciation after a few weeks, some students take a few months. Remember that this isn't a competition or a sprint to the "finish line". Have patience with yourself and know that I am here with you to help, no matter what your pace of learning is.

I mostly cover features of RP and Modern RP (this is the way you will find English in the dictionary), however, as RP is spoken by only 2-3% of English speakers in England, I don't JUST want to focus on this. I teach you parts of my own accent as well (I'm from York, Yorkshire, but I don't have a strong Yorkshire accent) and other ways of speaking that you may come across in England. In the future, I intend to invite guests from around the world so we can analyse their accents together and help expose you to other ways of speaking English to improve your listening skills.

If you are from a country where the video hosting website Vimeo or/and the audio hosting website SoundCloud are banned, then you may experience problems using the membership site. The video hosting on Pronunciation Pro is provided by Vimeo and the audio hosting is provided by SoundCloud. Therefore, you will need to find a way to access these websites in order to fully benefit from the membership site. Some BETA testers reported using a VPN (you can use the free web browser Opera and just turn on the VPN) and were able to use the membership site with little to no issues.